Techniques for Achieving Peace

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As we stated earlier, methods of conflict resolution vary according to the nature of conflict, the context of conflict, history of conflict and the culture within which it takes place. Therefore different techniques could be employed in resolving conflict in order to achieve peace. Negotiation Negotiation is an act in which two or more participants … Read more

Peace in National Unity and Development

Peace is a significant catalyst in the attainment of meaningful national unity and development. It is common axiom that no meaningful progress or development can take place in an atmosphere devoid or peace. Therefore, a country or any human society that undermines peace is heading towards anarchy coupled with other socio-economic problems that are better … Read more

Peace and Social Institutions

This section attempts to highlight the typology of the existing social institutions, which is comprised of the family, education, political life, economy and religion from the sociological perspective and linked to the issue of peace. Though not exhaustively done, but it is a starting point for sustaining peace and preventing conflict. Definition of Social Institution … Read more

Developing a Culture of Peace

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Introduction One of the world’s most sought after commodity – apart from the various economic quest for development – is the desire for peace. The importance of peace to any nation development cannot be over-emphasized. That no meaningful development can take place in an environment of rancour is stating the obvious. The World Development Report … Read more